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Wednesday Evening Advent Services 
The word "Advent" means "to come," and it refers to Jesus' coming to earth as a baby on Christmas Day. It is all about looking forward to celebrating the day when our Almighty God steps into history as a human being. Michelle Schwab will be delivering a Wednesday evening Advent message at 7 p.m. on November 30, and December 7, 14, and 21. 

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 
We look forward to seeing you at this “SPECIAL” time of the church year. Christmas Eve Candlelight Service will be held December 24 at 5 p.m.

The practice of using candlelight at Christmas Eve programs comes from the book of Isaiah, which prophesied the birth of a Messiah child who would bring great light to the people walking in darkness. A special white pillar Christ candle is lit on Christmas Eve as part of the Advent Wreath liturgy. Though the use of candles varies, each is a way of celebrating the birth of Christ, the light of the world. 

Purchase a Poinsettias of Honor
This year we will be purchasing Poinsettias in Honor of a loved one for a donation of $20. Fill out this form and drop in offering plate with donation. This loved one can be a relative or special friend or multiple honorees. We will have the Poinsettias on display in the church on Advent Services on 18 December through Christmas Eve service on December 24, at which time you are welcome to take a Poinsettias home following the service. We will have a special insert in the Bulletin listing your Honoree(s).

Example: Kathy Mauch in honor of her parents, Herman and Olivia Bertsch

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