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PLC Logo 


To download the PLC logo, click on the link below.  The logo will open in a new browser window. Right click on the logo and select "Save Image As..."

Please contact Jen Raab if:

  • You need additional assistance

  • You need a larger logo file or a different file format

  • You need color variations

  • You need design help

  • You are working with a vendor on printing

Full Color PLC Logo

Black and White PLC Logo


Logo Colors


R: 44   

G: 48 

B: 141 


C: 100

M: 99

Y: 1

K: 2

Web: #2c308d



R: 59

G: 35

B: 20


C: 50

M: 70

Y: 80

K: 70

Web: #3b2314



The font used in the logo is Century Gothic.


Digital Letterhead


Using the Logo

  • Do not skew the logo. When scaling the logo to fit, make sure you are proportionally scaling it.

  • When using the logo with a transparent background, make sure you are placing the logo on a light background.  

  • The jpg and png files may both be used when inserting into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher and for use online.

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