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Leadership Teams

Because we are surrounded by leaders in life, we have a Leadership Team structure in our church polity.   Our 12 person church council is a leadership board for the congregation of Peace Lutheran Church of Lincoln.  

The PLC church council is represented by:

  • President Sean Johnson

  • Vice President Lewis Schock

  • Secretary Connie Thurn 

  • Treasurer Michelle Schwab 

  • Members

    • Ethan Thurn

    • Gerold Thurn

    • Miranda Seim

    • Sharren Goehring

    • Leslie Livengood

    • Jim Sorenson


We have six separate leadership teams that look after the affairs of the community of Peace.

  • Property - Buildings and Grounds Maintenance​

  • Worship and Music - Planning Worship and Music​

  • Evangelism - Reaching out into the community​

  • Stewardship - Ideas to encourage others to share their Time/Talents/Financial​

  • Education - Children/Youth/Adults​

  • Social Ministry - Ideas to Enhance the social life within our congregation​

  • Mutual Ministry - Team that meets with pastor Kevin quarterly to discuss ideas of change and any concerns​


These folks make up our leadership council and share their gifts in specific ways through their leadership teams.  If you have an area of interest that you would like to see explored in your church, please contact one of these folks.

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