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Women of Peace

Peace-Filled Women is a group of women who meet regularly for bible studies and events. 

Stay tuned for information on the next study! And watch our calendar for upcoming events.

Next Event: Thursday, May 9 - Nails Night

Please join us for a nails night at the church! We will have some appetizers and fun with

Color Street nails. So please bring an appetizer to share! Here is a link for you to look through

some of the nails, or Michelle Schwab will bring the ones she has on hand for you to choose

from as well. The nails range in price from $11-$14 per set. They work great on little girl nails

too!! Michelle will place a large bulk order before the party so there will not be a shipping charge

for anyone. Please let her know by April 25 if you would like a set ordered so it will be here in time.

We welcome anyone to join us at anytime.  Whether you are a member of Peace Lutheran

Church or not, whether you are joining in the middle of a series we are studying or the

beginning. You are welcome with the Peace-Filled Women!

Join the Women of Peace Facebook group to stay up-to-date!

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