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Pastor Kevin's Korner

PK as some of us call him, is Pastor Kevin Nelson.  He completed the Theological Education for Emerging Ministries (TEEM) program while serving PLC.  What exactly is that?


TEEM provides alternative preparation for those who will provide pastoral ministry in emerging ministry contexts throughout the church. These contexts include ethnic specific,
multicultural, rural, inner city, and ministry with deaf communities.

Candidates for the TEEM program are nominated by their synods and approved by the Evangelical
Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Normally TEEM candidates are age 40 or older. Each candidate

works with a Capacities Assessment Panel (CAP) to design a program of study to complete all of the
TEEM educational requirements.


Email Pastor Kevin:




Ordination and Installation of Kevin G. Nelson
What a wonderful event attend by approximately 140 family, fellow ministers, and friends.  We are truly blessed to have Kevin as our Pastor at Peace and look forward to many wonderful year working together. Doing God’s work in the world calls for

leaders who bring a variety of training, skills, interests and life experiences to the work they do in congregations and communities.  Keep Kevin and his family in your prayers as well as our church as we continue to "Share God's Word and Peace with the Community."


A Thank You from Pastor Kevin
I am truly blessed! These handmade stole are BEAUTIFUL! They were made by a member of Peace Lutheran Church. Thank you Kathy Mauch. I will treasure these throughout my ministry!  Pastor Kevin



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